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All About Lips

23 Jan

One of my favourite lipstick shades this season has been Media by M.A.C. This is a very dark shade in a burgandy/plum colour. I use Annabelle lipliner in Bordeaux although M.A.C has an even darker liner in Nightmoth. When wearing a dark shade like this, make sure your lips are exfoliated as every tiny piece of skin is enhanced and even if you are not a lipliner wearer, this would be the time to use one. I like to keep the rest of my face pretty bare as this colour is a statement enough for me, but for a night out I will add more colour and liner to the eyes along with the bold lip.


If you are looking for something to try, a new shade of lipstick is always an easy way to update or change your look.



Lip Service

20 Jan

Although Instagram is full of #selfies, #ootd and #foodporn snapshots, it is has helped me discover some new makeup lines from accounts that I follow.
One of those is Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) and their popular Lip Tars. I decided to purchase the four pack of all-star minis for $18 to give it a try. The pack comes with four amazing colours – Memento (pink/plum neutral), NSFW (true, balanced red), Anime (vibrant, neon pink), Black Dahlia (blackened red) – and a lip brush for application.
You really only need a tiny drop so the minis are a great purchase if you are looking to try them.
The Lip Tars are liquid matte lipsticks with long wear time and high pigment. I think of them as the staying power of a stain with the look of a lipstick or gloss. It does say to use the clear Lip Tar underneath the colour and again to rehydrate during wear which may be my next purchase.


I have used the Lip Tars for a night out and each time I went for a bathroom break/freshen up my makeup I didn’t have to reapply anything to my lips.  I do find you need lip liner when using Lip Tar because they can bleed. I am not sure if that is because they are liquid or highly pigmented but I do recommend a liner. I do not find them drying at all like a stain thanks to organic hemp seed oil and soy-derived vitamin E and also have a nice mint scent courtesy of peppermint oil.
OCC is 100 per cent vegan and cruelty free just like another line I discovered thanks to Instagram – Lime Crime makeup.
I absolutely fell in love with their opaque lipstick in Babette. They describe it as a pastel coral but I find it more on the pink side. It is the perfect mix of just enough pink, just enough coral and looks good with a bold eye or good enough on its own with a neutral face. Since I hadn’t tried anything else from them I only ordered that, but am interested in the Velvetines (another long-wearing lip stain). Even the packaging is fun and colourful – just like their makeup.


Check both of them out!

My First . . .

22 Mar

Most people have a story or a memory of their first kiss. I can’t say I particularly remember all of my first kiss details but something  I do remember vividly is the first lipstick I ever bought. I don’t know if this says a lot about me or the boy. Nevertheless, this started my long-lasting love affair with makeup. Boys, shmoys – makeup has never disappointed me and always makes me feel good.

Picture it. Small Town, Ontario. 1995. I was in grade 8 at the time and I had been off of school for 2 weeks with strep throat. When I got back to school all the girls and I mean everyone was wearing lipstick or some sort of makeup. Now at the tender age of 13 this was very monumental. So, like “everyone else” I also needed some colour on my face. The shade was a Revlon colour called cocoa and it was one of those super matte/long wearing lipsticks. You may also remember similar colours from Revlon in Toast of New York and Coffee Bean (which still do exist) similar to this matte cocoa colour that I thought was just amazing. Seeing as my mother doesn’t wear makeup I remember being with my friend and her mom in Shoppers Drug Mart purchasing this shade. My own mother thought it was a tad dark but I thought it complimented my dark hair and eyes wonderfully. When I think about it now, I probably did look a touch ridiculous. Here’s this child with no makeup on the rest of her face and dark lips. My sense of fashion hadn’t yet evolved yet either so I’m sure it also looked silly seeing this preppy girl with no angst to her with such a shade on her lips. After lipstick I started with some clear mascara, then pressed powder by Cornsilk. I probably didn’t need the powder but after all I was “experimenting”.

For some reason I can’t seem to find my grade 8 picture . . . well maybe find isn’t the correct word, more like never want to look at again,  but that’s another story all together.


A Little Pick Me-Up . . .

1 Dec

Have you ever went shopping, bought a “new” amazing colour of lipstick/lipgloss/eyeshadow to only realize you have something very similar or basically the same? Since I am a bit of a product (pardon my french) whore this tends to happen quite a bit. This actually happened to me on a recent trip to Sephora. I was looking at lipsticks and found the most perfect fall/winter shade. It is Make Up Forever Rouge Intense in #13. I have been wanting a deeper shade for my lips and since I already have a red and am not quite sure how well I can do the dark burgundy lips I thought this was the perfect balance. It is almost a ruby-red with some shimmer but has a violet hue to it. On my way home I was already thinking about when and with what outfit I wanted to wear this shade but then started thinking that I already had a shade like this? Oh the agony . . . I could have bought something else.  When I got home and looked through my lipsticks, I discovered a shade from an old Lancome gift that is quite similar. I don’t even know if they make the shade anymore – it is a colour design lipstick called curtain call.


 *Top is Lancome Curtain Call and bottom is Make Up Forever #13 . . . see more shimmer to it*

I tried justifying the purchase because the Make Up Forever lipstick has more of a violet undertone, whereas the Lancome is a true raspberry shade.  Since I found the Lancome lipstick I also decided to look through some of my eyeshadows and rediscovered some fabulous colours that I have not worn in a while and am anxious to try some different looks. Just like clothes, we can all get into a makeup rut and if a new lipstick can help get me out of it, then out with the old and in with the new!


Thank You for Being a Friend

18 Oct

This past weekend I went to visit one of my besties in Toronto to celebrate her birthday. Heidi had a very monumental birthday. Certain people are excited to get another year older but most of us aren’t, so she didn’t feel like doing much celebrating. I still wanted to visit her because for me, I have been so blessed that she was born on October 17. Although she doesn’t believe it, she has enriched my life in so many ways. I wouldn’t really know how to put into words how important a person she truly is to me . . . besides being my #1 supporter, she is there for me if I need anything and that anything could be as simple as a fashion crisis. There is a quote from Sex & the City and Carrie writes, “maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates and guys are just people to have fun with”. So for me, having great friends that challenge me, encourage me, and enrich my life is just as – or more beautiful than the lipstick I decided to wear today. In case you’re wondering it was MAC in FABBY.

                                                                       *My beautiful BFF Heidi*

On a side note, you may be asking yourself “what does this post have to do with anything”? If you read the top of this page it does say random insight so that was my randomness for the week. I’ll try to keep it at a minimum . . . promise.

Winged Out

8 Oct

It seems like winged eyeliner is everywhere. It has always been a look that can go many different ways and in my personal opinion one that can always look current. When I think of winged eyeliner, I either think bombshell, classic or punk. Depending on what mood you are in, you can achieve anyone of these looks with winged eyeliner. When I think of a bombshell look it can be a thick winged eyeliner and pale lips, a classic look may be a thinner winged eyeliner with a red lip and my personal favourite the punk or 80’s look you can play with all sorts of colour.

A great tip when trying to get a winged look is to make a triangle at the outer corner of your eye and fill that in to get the winged look. Also, q-tips, concealer, blending brushes or sponges and eye make-up remover will all be your friend!

I decided to take a twist on the 80’s look with a pop of colour on my lips. I tried to keep the shadow on my lids quite light because I was doing a stronger lip.

For this look . . 

On the eyes I used LANCOME Sensational Effects Eyeshadow in Off the Rack, Dior Eyeliner pencil with blending tip in 090 (Black). I also went over the eyeliner with Lancome eyeshadow in Statuesque to intensify the line and black colour. I also took the eyeliner and went on the inside of my eyelids on the top and bottom.

I didn’t want to be to harsh on the cheeks either so I used MAC  Mineralize Blush in Hand-Finish and last but certainly not least MAC lipstick in Girl About Town.

What is your favourite winged eyeliner look? What are you doing with this current trend?

 Have a good Thanksgiving my fellow Canadians!


Lipstick Junkies

9 Sep

Have you ever watched a woman shopping for a lipstick? It is like she is making a life altering decision. Being a self proclaimed lipstick junkie myself I can relate to needing a new tube of lipstick.  My own life has been surrounded by hues of violets, pinks, reds and nudes. What is it about a lipstick that can make a woman feel better and drive her crazy all at the same time? Find the right shade and you feel like you can conquer the world  . . . well maybe just Saturday night out with the girls.

There are those women who need the newest trendy colour, the women who stick to the same colour, or the indecisive women who just can’t seem to commit to a lipstick shade.

Hmmm, I think I know what type I am . . . Do you?


*Just a few of my lipsticks and lipglosses*

How can this little tube of colour make a woman feel so great?
Well, lipstick is always the right size and no matter what, there is always a perfect shade for everyone.

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