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Nature’s Gift

9 Jul

I never seem to learn . . .

I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I am pretty good at styling my own hair. Yet, time and again I will pay a stylist to do my hair and each time, I usually don’t like it and have wasted money. It’s like gambling for me. I did this again last weekend when I had a wedding to attend. After work I just wanted to sit for an hour and have someone curl my hair – easy. I ended up at one of those walk-ins welcome “affordable” salons because I figured, how can a trained professional screw up curling hair? Well, not only do I not like tight curls, which I repeatedly told her, I ended up with sausage curls and singed hair with a few straight pieces in there. I had to separate my hair out when I got home so it looked more natural, and fix a few pieces with my own curling iron. $35 later to have someone burn my hair.
Instead of shaving my head, I tried deep conditioning my hair with nature’s own coconut oil. Yes, I’ve seen one million uses of coconut oil and finally tried one. To my amazement, it worked. My hair was soft and it helped soothe some of those singed pieces. I did not realize you should probably wash out the coconut oil as I just rinsed it out and had too much close to my roots, so even with my hair dry it looked wet (greasy). I tried it again a few days later and just put some on my dry ends and washed it out the next morning. The results work better than any conditioner/deep conditioning treatment/hair mask I have ever used.

It’s natural and affordable in comparison to many of those hair repair products on the market. Definitely worth a try.



Shiny Happy Hair

26 Nov

After nights of cold sweats and anxious days I finally got my fix! For those of you who don’t know, I had mentioned in one of my Hairapy session posts that I am addicted to the shine hair colour gives me . . . so like an addict I finally got my fix. If you have a hairdresser like I do, then you know how valuable they are. I’m pretty religious about going to see her but I always tell people it’s because I like the company (not because I’m obsessed with my hair or anything). This is the longest I have gone without seeing her so I guess I needed 2 fixes 🙂

As far as styles go, I tend to pick out hairstyles that are not meant for my hair type. I always pick out styles for very thin hair or with extensions but my hairdresser will always try to tweak it for my hair type. This time I showed her a picture of Nicole Richie with a layered, messy cut with bangs.

My hair was so dry and had so many split ends but my wonderful hairdresser gave me just the TLC it needed. She kept the length and layered it and of course put a dark black violet on it for my addiction.

I just have to work on that sultry Nicole Richie look

Thanks Cindy! xoxo

Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like.        ~Author Unknown



The Hairapy Sessions

11 Nov

For those of you who know me well, you know one of my obsessions is hair.  I remember recently watching a Versace fashion show and with all those beautiful clothes I was just mesmerized by the hair (and curious how to get  my legs to look like the models).  Even my old roomies and I would have endless conversations about our hair and the infamous Mane & Tail shampoo. 

*Some Inspiration*

I will admit that I get bored quite easily with my hair and always want to change the colour, cut bangs, cut a fringe, add layers, get highlights and I think I even contemplated perming my hair recently (not a joke). I am quite fortunate to have a hairdresser that is very  honest  and very patient with all of my personalities and  can be easily reached through phone, text, e-mail or morse code. This is the longest that I have went in between getting my hair done and it is slightly killing me – my hair looks so dull. My hairdresser once pointed out that I love getting my hair coloured because I am “addicted to the shine” it gives, so I guess I’m really itching for my fix.  I have always wanted to be a platinum blonde but that is not happening, so any suggestions out there?


Olive Juice . . . I love You!

20 Sep

For as long as I can remember olive oil has always been apart of my life. I thought its uses were as simple as cooking and salad dressing, but little did I know all of the amazing beauty benefits it has too. Sophia Loren attests some of her famous good looks to a mediterranean diet (which includes olive oil) and is quoted as saying she takes, “the odd bath in virgin olive oil”. 

*I wonder if that’s olive oil in the tub?*

Olive oil is high in antioxidants, including vitamin E which is why is it is so beneficial to the hair, skin and nails. Some of the many uses of olive oil include:

Eye Makeup Remover: Just add a bit of olive oil to a cotton pad and wipe over the eye area. This is  a great alternative to many products with chemicals and harmful ingredients especially if you have sensitivities.

Nails: I have put olive oil straight on my cuticles to soften them when they are really dry but I have also read to mix a small amount of warm olive oil with a tablespoon of lemon juice and soak your nails in that.

Hair: You can apply olive oil right to your scalp and hair and let this sit for 20 minutes for a deep conditioning treatment.Rinse thoroughly. You can also heat the olive oil a bit for a hot oil treatment.

Scrub: Mix olive oil and sugar or sea salt for a natural body exfoliant. This will slough away any dead skin which is much needed in the fall and winter months. I would keep the mixture about 1 parts of each. *Sorry, I do not measure, I just go by consistency*

Dry Skin: If you are extremely dry, you can apply olive oil directly to that spot. This is great for elbows and feet where the skin can become extremely dry.

So, if olive oil can make me look like Sophia Loren then I think maybe tonight I will do what the ancient Romans did and bathe in it instead of making a salad.

Tomorrow’s Post – Me Slipping in the Bath!


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