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All About Lips

23 Jan

One of my favourite lipstick shades this season has been Media by M.A.C. This is a very dark shade in a burgandy/plum colour. I use Annabelle lipliner in Bordeaux although M.A.C has an even darker liner in Nightmoth. When wearing a dark shade like this, make sure your lips are exfoliated as every tiny piece of skin is enhanced and even if you are not a lipliner wearer, this would be the time to use one. I like to keep the rest of my face pretty bare as this colour is a statement enough for me, but for a night out I will add more colour and liner to the eyes along with the bold lip.


If you are looking for something to try, a new shade of lipstick is always an easy way to update or change your look.



Lip Service

20 Jan

Although Instagram is full of #selfies, #ootd and #foodporn snapshots, it is has helped me discover some new makeup lines from accounts that I follow.
One of those is Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) and their popular Lip Tars. I decided to purchase the four pack of all-star minis for $18 to give it a try. The pack comes with four amazing colours – Memento (pink/plum neutral), NSFW (true, balanced red), Anime (vibrant, neon pink), Black Dahlia (blackened red) – and a lip brush for application.
You really only need a tiny drop so the minis are a great purchase if you are looking to try them.
The Lip Tars are liquid matte lipsticks with long wear time and high pigment. I think of them as the staying power of a stain with the look of a lipstick or gloss. It does say to use the clear Lip Tar underneath the colour and again to rehydrate during wear which may be my next purchase.


I have used the Lip Tars for a night out and each time I went for a bathroom break/freshen up my makeup I didn’t have to reapply anything to my lips.  I do find you need lip liner when using Lip Tar because they can bleed. I am not sure if that is because they are liquid or highly pigmented but I do recommend a liner. I do not find them drying at all like a stain thanks to organic hemp seed oil and soy-derived vitamin E and also have a nice mint scent courtesy of peppermint oil.
OCC is 100 per cent vegan and cruelty free just like another line I discovered thanks to Instagram – Lime Crime makeup.
I absolutely fell in love with their opaque lipstick in Babette. They describe it as a pastel coral but I find it more on the pink side. It is the perfect mix of just enough pink, just enough coral and looks good with a bold eye or good enough on its own with a neutral face. Since I hadn’t tried anything else from them I only ordered that, but am interested in the Velvetines (another long-wearing lip stain). Even the packaging is fun and colourful – just like their makeup.


Check both of them out!

Size Matters

13 Feb

For hundreds of years, women (and some men) have been asking themselves “does size really matter?” For me, it does. When choosing a mascara – oh wait, you didn’t think I was talking about, did you??? Any how, I love a big – ahemMASCARA brush. The bigger the better. I tend to gravitate towards a fuller brush because I feel it gives my lashes more volume and that is why I have always (and still do) love Diorshow. I’m always trying new mascaras and don’t usually like the ones with a smaller brush. I recently found an affordable mascara with a fuller brush that I wanted to share with you:  Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara. It claims that the new MaxDensity brush will cover your lashes from corner to corner giving volume that will make false lashes a thing of the past. I think the oversize brush is one of the best I have tried in a superstore-like retail store.  Obviously I don’t think it has given me lashes that look fake, but if you think size matters as much as I do it is worth a try, especially at the price point.


My funny Valentine . . . Me!

16 Feb

Really, Valentine? I know you come around every year on the same date and everyone loves you but I can’t say I’m  in the fan club. I’m very happy for those that have been hit by cupid and buy into what a money-making day you are, but this past year it felt like you were a real  holiday. From elaborate gifts and everyone wishing each other a Happy Valentine’s Day all over Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and in line at the grocery store – I just don’t get it. Are you really mushy or do you just want people to feel bad about themselves? Single people, men, widows, divorcee’s all feel your pressure. So instead of gorging myself with my own box of chocolates and getting drunk (alone), I decided to go out with another single and fabulous gal for some red martinis and a lot of laughs. I’m not all black and misery Valentine, I’m corny deep down. So, in keeping with the spirit of St. Valentine and Springs hottest shades of pink and red I decided to go for a soft pink look with my make-up.

On my face I used:

Dior Diorskin Nude Foundation in # 031 and Eyeshadow 5 Couleurs Iridescent in 809

NARS  Blush in Orgasm and Lip Gloss in Super Orgasm

MAC Lipstick in Fabby and Mineralize Blush in Hand-Finish to highlight

I really do hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! xoxo


Photo Shoot 12/04/10

7 Dec

This past weekend I was pretty busy with birthdays, holiday stuff and a photo shoot on Saturday. My friend Julia DiLorenzo is the founder and designer of Unity Strictly Clothing. It is a line of graphic tee’s with really fun designs. I would describe them myself, as a little quirky but definitely cute. It was a pretty small photo shoot but I met some really talented people who truly inspired me with their craft. I did the make-up for 2 beautiful girls and 1 handsome guy. I must admit I was quite nervous because I’ve only really done weddings professionally but the models made it very easy for me. Julia wanted me to showcase each of the models best features so for one we did a bolder lip and the other a heavier eye.

Here is Aurora and her gorgeous lips

Here is Brittany with her smokey eyes

All in all it was a good day and I was happy to help out in any way possible. If you get a chance check out Julia’s website at


Pick of the Week

5 Nov

Besides Russia being known for vodka and hats there is an amazing lip gloss called Russian Red.I’m not sure if in fact a Russian invented this colour but whoever did, I am grateful. This is a colour by MAC  that comes in a lipstick or a lipglass. My pick is the lipglass.

 This is one of my favourite glosses for a number of reasons. The first time I decided I wanted to try red lips I opted for the lipglass to ease into it but even the gloss is quite intense. It is a true red colour – rich and vibrant. This is a great option for someone who does not like lipstick but enjoys the look of colour. With the lipglass, my lips feel smooth and the colour lasts. This is a celebrity favourite colour and has no signs of ever being discontinued. If you decide to jump on this Fall’s trend of red lips, try to keep the rest of the face neutral. The lips are a statement enough.

*I feel like a real lady with this shade of red, hence the cloche*


Back to Basics

21 Oct

In a previous post, I mentioned that make-up is just like art. So besides the right tools you always a need a good old fashioned lesson in colour theory. Boring as it may seem, it really does make sense. The primary colours are RED, YELLOW and BLUE. By mixing equal amounts of 2 primary colours, secondary colours are achieved. For example red+yellow=orange, blue+red=violet and yellow+blue=green

So the question is how does this relate to make-up? Well when looking at the colour wheel look at opposite colours(complementary) for some answers. Complementary colours can  help with corrective purposes on the skin. If you have yellow or sallow skin use a lavender concealer, if you have any redness use green to neutralize it, if you have a purple bruise use a yellow concealer. 

Complementary colours can help you find an eyeshadow colour. Instead of matching the colour of your eyes to your shadow, try the opposite and pick a colour on the opposite side of the colour wheel. Colours that are opposite make the other stand out. Blue eyes try browns, golds,and  peaches. Green eyes, try violet. Brown eyes are considered a neutral so you can almost try any colour.

Look to the colour wheel for some inspiration. It’s easy to get stuck in a routine so try somthing new! We wear make-up to highlight our best features,  so obviously other factors come into play when picking colours such as undertone, skin tone, eye shape  . . . but that’s a whole other lesson all together.

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