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Fab or Fad?

6 Mar

I’m not really one to buy into hype surrounding new things but recently I believed the hype and tried a beauty balm. I have been hearing so much about them but I am still undecided on how I feel about them? Is this not a glorified tinted moisturizer? I don’t really like tinted moisturizers but thought I would give a BB a try since they claim to have added skin benefits. I didn’t feel that it gave my skin the hydration it craves this time of year or give my skin a glowing healthy look. I felt it actually dried out my skin. Plus, I do like to wear makeup and I didn’t feel this gave me a good base to add powder and blush on top of. Maybe it is the brand I tried but I’m not sold on them. Is it because it is new to North America everyone is going crazy over them? Thoughts, please! It is something I may consider come summertime but for now I have given up on this growing trend.


I got no love for the BB



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