Pick of the Week

25 Feb

Like buttah is how I would describe Nars Sheer Glow foundation. It has a silky-smooth feel, not too heavy and gives my skin a nice natural finish. I don’t like a heavy feeling foundation but still like the look of a heavier coverage. I feel this gives me the best of both worlds. They have a wide variety of colours to match any skin tone. Even though most people can’t tell, I have yellow undertones in my skin and have difficulties finding foundation. I didn’t have any problems matching my skin and use Punjab in this line. 

I apply it with a foundation brush but if you don’t have one, your fingers will work just as good, if not better (the heat from your hands will actually help blend it into your skin). It is buildable coverage if you did want or need more, but it doesn’t give much more than a medium coverage. You may not like this foundations if you are on the oily side or like really heavy coverage. I think this foundation helps hydrate my skin in the winter months and I will like it through the summer for its light,airy feel. The website (could be the Canadian prices) says it is $55 but I bought it at Sephora for $42. I can’t say I enjoy the price tag but I really don’t need much of the product so it does go along way.  



 Hope you like it as much as I do!



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