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Shaving is the Pits

18 Jul

Coming from an Italian ethnicity I feel as though I spend half of my life doing some sort or hair removal on my body. Whether it is shaving, threading, depilatories, waxing or sugaring I have done all of the above.



 I even used one of those mits to “rub” hair off of your body. One area that I feel I shave quite a bit is my armpits and recently got them waxed and I don’t think I can go back to shaving. The hair removal lasted a couple of weeks, looks much smoother and no 5 ‘clock shadow under there. I didn’t even feel much pain, so much so, that I really want to look into laser hair removal . . . ahh the time and money I could save.  The only pitfall is that I probably picked the wrong season to try this out; growing the hair back can be difficult to hide in the heat, hence why I have been in so many t-shirts and light cardigans. I will refrain from posting a picture of my armpits to save myself the embarrassing jokes.




That’s Life

15 Jul

 I have not blogged in quite some time and to be perfectly honest I have been feeling pretty blah lately and also feel as though I needed some inspiration (although that is all dependent on where I’ve been looking and right now it has been in all the wrong places). Recently –well, a month ago – I celebrated a monumental birthday and never really thought that I would feel the way that I have been feeling about turning, th th th th th thirty.  There I said it. Age has never bothered me or crossed my mind but certain birthdays really make you reflect on your life and this one has been exactly that. I used to love my birthday – I thought it should have been a national holiday. I still love my birthday because I am well worth a celebration but it was just the number this year that bothered me. Ya, I cried on my birthday; I thought my life would be a lot different at this age. Everyone says that your 30’s are the best years of your life and so far so good. I had a great few days off of work and celebrated with great friends and family.  In the end I guess that is all that really matters in the grand scheme of life . . .  surrounding myself with people who care about me and who are positive. So what if I don’t have that rich husband or yacht yet. I have to say ever since turning 30 my weekends have been so much fun – maybe a little too much fun that my 30-year-old self is trying to keep up with my 21-year-old self.  Trying is the operative word here.

Let the Good Times Roll . . .


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