My First . . .

22 Mar

Most people have a story or a memory of their first kiss. I can’t say I particularly remember all of my first kiss details but something  I do remember vividly is the first lipstick I ever bought. I don’t know if this says a lot about me or the boy. Nevertheless, this started my long-lasting love affair with makeup. Boys, shmoys – makeup has never disappointed me and always makes me feel good.

Picture it. Small Town, Ontario. 1995. I was in grade 8 at the time and I had been off of school for 2 weeks with strep throat. When I got back to school all the girls and I mean everyone was wearing lipstick or some sort of makeup. Now at the tender age of 13 this was very monumental. So, like “everyone else” I also needed some colour on my face. The shade was a Revlon colour called cocoa and it was one of those super matte/long wearing lipsticks. You may also remember similar colours from Revlon in Toast of New York and Coffee Bean (which still do exist) similar to this matte cocoa colour that I thought was just amazing. Seeing as my mother doesn’t wear makeup I remember being with my friend and her mom in Shoppers Drug Mart purchasing this shade. My own mother thought it was a tad dark but I thought it complimented my dark hair and eyes wonderfully. When I think about it now, I probably did look a touch ridiculous. Here’s this child with no makeup on the rest of her face and dark lips. My sense of fashion hadn’t yet evolved yet either so I’m sure it also looked silly seeing this preppy girl with no angst to her with such a shade on her lips. After lipstick I started with some clear mascara, then pressed powder by Cornsilk. I probably didn’t need the powder but after all I was “experimenting”.

For some reason I can’t seem to find my grade 8 picture . . . well maybe find isn’t the correct word, more like never want to look at again,  but that’s another story all together.



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