Oh Sugar Sugar

7 Feb

While the rest of the world was watching the Superbowl last night, I decided to watch a movie and make a sugar hair removal concoction. It was very easy to make with a simple mixture of sugar, water and lemon juice. For those of you who don’t know sugar hair removal works similar to waxing but is more natural which is great for people who are prone to break outs or sensitivities. It is also water-soluble making it easier for clean up.

The recipe calls for:

1/4 cup water

1/4 lemon juice

2 cups of sugar

-Place all ingredients in a heavy pot and boil. Once the mixture has come to a boil let it simmer for 30 minutes until it becomes an amber colour. Place off heat, let cool and store in an air tight container.

I followed the directions accordingly but seeing as it was my first time making the paste, I’m not sure if I did it exactly correct.  It did not take 30 minutes for the mixture to become amber in colour so I took it off the heat before that time. It also mentions to keep the mixture in the refrigerator although when I took it out this morning, it was as hard as a rock and I had to microwave it. I believe you can use the sugar paste the same way you would wax, meaning heating it up and removing with a cloth strip. I tried using it at room temperature and using a typical sugaring technique where you place the sugar on the skin and use nothing else except the paste to do the hair removal.

I must say that the sugar paste did a great job at removing my hair but my technique is not quite up to par.  I’ve been trying to save some money so I thought this might be one little thing to do at home but to be perfectly honest this might be one of those things that I would rather pay for . . . 

Maybe with some more practice I’ll get the hang of it but seeing as I had to take a break today, some things are just worth paying for.


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