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Lazy Winter Days

26 Jan

It’s been taking me an extra long time to get back into the swing of things so keeping up with vacation mode, I had a very lazy Sunday.  I have no idea what I needed a lazy Sunday for but I watched 2 great documentaries/movies. The first one I watched was a Fashion Television/CTV produced special called Vivienne Westwood’s London and the second one was Valentino the Last Emperor.

In Fashion Television’s Documentary Vivienne Westwood’s London, she shows all of her favourite places in London. Besides bringing punk into mainstream fashion and being a political activist, Westwood has a deep love for art, culture and her city of London. She really believes that as a society we need to embrace art and culture to understand the world we live in. Some of the places she showcases are the Courtauld Institute of Art, the Wallace Collection, Whitechapel (accompanied by Sarah Stockbridge), Hampton Court, the London Symphony OrchestraBrixton Market, Electric Avenue, and the National Gallery.

Even though it is not particularly new, I finally watched the documentary that was produced and directed by Matt Tyrnauer (special correspondent for Vanity Fair); Valentino the Last EmperorThe documentary follows legendary designer Valentino Garavani and his longtime partner of 50 years Giancarlo Giammetti  through various events including his 45 year anniversary in fashion, the company being sold, fashion shows and Valentino doing what he does best, designing beautiful clothes. Besides his famous Valentino Red and haute couture fashion the film really captures the partnership between him and Giammetti, and what the fashion industry has become.

Viewing both of these films, made me remember why I truly love fashion.  Watching the exquisite clothes produced by Valentino gave me a feeling I really cannot describe in words. It is similar to the way Vivienne Westwood was looking at art in the galleries in London. I think both of these designers come from the old-school way of thinking and designing; they are some of the last of the great artists. If you have a chance and love fashion, I highly recommend both of these. You will truly appreciate the craft of designing and the world of art.

I also thought of a few things I need to do in my life after watching both of these:

1. Move

2. Go to a fashion show (and not just one at the local mall)



Back to Life, Back to Reality

24 Jan

I know I have not been blogging for a bit and I cannot believe it is already January 24! Over the holidays I was pretty busy and did not want to just write any old blog entry for the sake of writing something . . . I don’t want to waste anyone’s time, especially if you are taking time out of your day to read my little blog. I also just got back from Jamaica for a friend’s wedding so now it’s definitely back to work and reality. I have never went to an all-inclusive resort and I highly recommend it for anyone that needs a real vacation. Usually when I pick a vacation destination, I tend to lean towards places that have a lot of history and lots of things to do and see. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed myself drinking rum punch and basking in the sun. A few wrinkles probably sprouted from all the sun not to mention a few pounds with all the sugary alcoholic beverages but how could I leave Jamaica without trying a Hummingbird drink, a Miami Vice, a Rumsicle, a Strawberry daiquiri, a Pina Colada and of course their famous rum punch? I have to admit, I look much better with a tan. I did not get too dark but I look much healthier and my skin has a nice glow to it. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to start hitting the tanning beds religiously but I think my skin really enjoyed all that Vitamin D.

A little darker than before I left . . . night of the gorgeous wedding

So now it is back to real life and sticking to my 2011 goals which include trying to blog and write more. I hope everyone’s new year is off to a great start. I know mine is . . .


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