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If You’re Going to San Francisco . . .

28 Oct

Today I left for San Francisco! I’m super excited for so many reasons (maybe too many to explain in one little blog post) but it got me thinking about travel essentials. I tend to over-pack. I’m probably the worst packer in the history of the world. I’m a “well what if I feel like wearing this/just in case/might need to change” kind of girl. Although I do over-pack with clothes and shoes I think I do a pretty good job at condensing my makeup. I really like taking palettes that can take you from day to night and with various colours.Eyeshadows that have 4 colours are usually great because you can use the lighter shades for day and the darker for night. Besides making-up my face I also think moisturizer is definitely key when travelling. You never know how your skin will react to different climates and air so it is always beneficial to keep the skin well hydrated.

Hopefully, San Francisco gives me some inspiration! Will be back next week . . .  hope everyone enjoys Halloween and the creativity that comes with it!



Serenity Now

26 Oct

A funny thing happened to me last week . . . I was actually looking forward to my yoga class. For those of you who know me, I think yoga is quite boring and a little cult-like with chanting Om’s and mantras. I have had some recent back problems and have been recommended to try yoga for stretching and strengthening my back. I tried it once with my old roomie Christina from Rare Little Bird probably about 5 years ago and thought that was my first – and last – yoga class. Starting in the summer, my friend Colleen from Push Fitness started a yoga class once a week with a great teacher, Mary. 

I just don’t think I can fully relax in a yoga class . . . my mind wanders – alot. This past class, we were supposed to chant Shanti, Shanti, Shanti which means peace. As Mary explains one of the Shanti’s she says “peace within yourself”. I think that is my problem, I have to find that peace within myself. I must admit, all day at work, I couldn’t wait for yoga class. I was looking forward to stretching and unwinding and having an hour to not think, not speak and just be. After I thought about it, I think yoga has really been helping me calm down a bit, not be so anxious and a little more patient; slowly but surely I’m finding some inner peace. I really think it is one of those feel good from the inside things which exudes on the outside naturally. For example, with me being so calm I don’t furrow my brow as much which equals less wrinkles. Maybe this is one cult that I don’t mind joining . . . just save me if I randomly bust out into a “Serenity Now” ala Frank Costanza or an Om when I’m stressed.

The Almighty Thread

23 Oct

In a previous post I discussed eyebrows and more importantly, groomed brows. I had a few people mention to me to try threading so I decided to do just that. Since I’ve been growing in my brows and I looked like Bert from Sesame Street I’ve been pretty thankful for my bangs.

This picture really doesn’t give you the full effect of the caterpillars that were above my eyes so needless to say I couldn’t wait to get them taken care of.

Threading is an ancient method of hair removal where cotton thread is used to remove the hair. It is supposed to remove the hair at the follicle level which means the hair should not grow in as fast. I also took my mother to try it because she has very sensitive skin and usually breaks out with sugaring or waxing. With threading there are no chemicals and it is also very sanitary. I’ve also read that it is safe for people on acne medications. 

I’m not going to lie, it was a little painful but not unbearable; it is just a new or different sensation and my eyes were a little watery. The practitioner just had me hold my skin taught (she guided me where to hold) and she just went to work with that thread; and let me tell you, did she go to work! It was so quick and my brows are shaped beautifully. My mother has no redness or irritation and her brows also look great. The charge was only $10 et voila . . .

 Threading is becoming more popular in North America so you may be able to find it easier than expected. If I can find it in the small town I live in, anyone can!

Back to Basics

21 Oct

In a previous post, I mentioned that make-up is just like art. So besides the right tools you always a need a good old fashioned lesson in colour theory. Boring as it may seem, it really does make sense. The primary colours are RED, YELLOW and BLUE. By mixing equal amounts of 2 primary colours, secondary colours are achieved. For example red+yellow=orange, blue+red=violet and yellow+blue=green

So the question is how does this relate to make-up? Well when looking at the colour wheel look at opposite colours(complementary) for some answers. Complementary colours can  help with corrective purposes on the skin. If you have yellow or sallow skin use a lavender concealer, if you have any redness use green to neutralize it, if you have a purple bruise use a yellow concealer. 

Complementary colours can help you find an eyeshadow colour. Instead of matching the colour of your eyes to your shadow, try the opposite and pick a colour on the opposite side of the colour wheel. Colours that are opposite make the other stand out. Blue eyes try browns, golds,and  peaches. Green eyes, try violet. Brown eyes are considered a neutral so you can almost try any colour.

Look to the colour wheel for some inspiration. It’s easy to get stuck in a routine so try somthing new! We wear make-up to highlight our best features,  so obviously other factors come into play when picking colours such as undertone, skin tone, eye shape  . . . but that’s a whole other lesson all together.

Thank You for Being a Friend

18 Oct

This past weekend I went to visit one of my besties in Toronto to celebrate her birthday. Heidi had a very monumental birthday. Certain people are excited to get another year older but most of us aren’t, so she didn’t feel like doing much celebrating. I still wanted to visit her because for me, I have been so blessed that she was born on October 17. Although she doesn’t believe it, she has enriched my life in so many ways. I wouldn’t really know how to put into words how important a person she truly is to me . . . besides being my #1 supporter, she is there for me if I need anything and that anything could be as simple as a fashion crisis. There is a quote from Sex & the City and Carrie writes, “maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates and guys are just people to have fun with”. So for me, having great friends that challenge me, encourage me, and enrich my life is just as – or more beautiful than the lipstick I decided to wear today. In case you’re wondering it was MAC in FABBY.

                                                                       *My beautiful BFF Heidi*

On a side note, you may be asking yourself “what does this post have to do with anything”? If you read the top of this page it does say random insight so that was my randomness for the week. I’ll try to keep it at a minimum . . . promise.

Pick of the Week

15 Oct

For me, make-up  is  just as fun as art and just like art you need some tools.  Hmm let’s see . . .  pencils, sponges, colour, pigment and of course some good brushes. This is exactly what  I have found in Quo’s line of make-up brushes. Quo is a Shoppers Drug Mart exclusive line of colour cosmetics and cosmetic accessories.  Their line of make-up brushes  are made from natural and synthetic fibers. The brushes are very soft and I have not had any issues with the hairs falling out of them. They have quite an assortment of brushes, sets and even a brush cleaner. I’m not the only one who thinks they are amazing  – even acclaimed make-up artist Dino Dilio endorses them on Cityline.

Some of my favourites include the foundation brush, blush brush, eye smudger brush and the liner/brow brush. Another thing to look out for is that sometimes Shoppers Drug Mart marks the brushes down to 40% off and they have good deals on sets too. If you are looking to get some good quality brushes sometimes getting a full set is a great investment at a great price. Also, if you have a Shoppers Optimum card, you obtain points just for shopping and if you do have enough points you may have enough for some good quality make-up brushes.


Beauty Quote

14 Oct

“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.”


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