Beauty on a Budget

17 Sep

As a girl on a budget I know how hard it is to try to buy within my means. I still want to look good and buy decent products at affordable prices. Here are some tips for being a beauty on a budget.

DUTY FREE: Yes you read that correctly, Duty Free shopping isn’t just for cheap liquor and cigarettes. I do have the luxury of living in a border town and do lots of cross border shopping in the US and almost always stop at the Duty Free. They have perfume, skin care and makeup at a fraction of the cost of department stores charge and you also save on paying the taxes (and we all know how much our taxes are in Canada). Also, look out for travel packages of some of your favourite products that you cannot find in department stores.Some of my favourite duty free purchases have been Dior, Smashbox, Lancome,Clarins, and Calvin Klein just to name a few.  Most people think that you cannot shop at Duty Free but you can as long as you are leaving the country (it is for export only). Here is a link to duty free allowances when crossing the border.

BONUS TIME/ GIFT WITH PURCHASE: Clinique, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Elizabeth Arden and many other companies offer amazing bonuses or gift with purchase. You usually have to spend a certain amount to receive the gift but for that amount, in turn, you get so much more. Eyeshadows, lipstick, eye makeup remover, samples of moisturizer and eye creams are just a few examples of items included in bonuses. This is a great way to try some of their other products. Look out for when the stores have these events; most competing department stores will run the promotions at different times so if you can wait for this, it is a great time to do your shopping.

OUTLETS: Some outlet malls have cosmetic stores which carry leftover bonuses, discontinued colours, and overstock at huge savings to the consumers. They are worth checking out with brands like Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Prescriptives and MAC.

SALES: Last but certainly not least, look out for items on sale. Most department stores do not mark down fragrance and cosmetics but stores like Shoppers Drug MartPharma Plus, Zellers, Target and Wal-Mart do. It’s always great to check out their flyers or if you happen to be in one of those stores wander over to the cosmetics aisle. You may be willing to try something new because it is on sale.

Happy Shopping! It is Friday  . . .



2 Responses to “Beauty on a Budget”

  1. GDR-A September 17, 2010 at 1:53 pm #

    You are simply the greatest! I loove your blog!

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