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Fall has Arrived

27 Sep

It seems that for Fall 2010 many of the makeup “trends” are actually classic looks – red lips, winged eyeliner, full eyebrows, barely there make-up and violet hues. This week I will show you some of these looks and have some fun with them. Obviously, pastel blue eyeshadow and frosted pink lips can date your look, but these are some looks that will always look current.


Just a thought . . .

27 Sep

I was at a bachelorette party this past weekend and of course there was the usual gossip and talk about so many different things. It was a bachelorette so we weren’t contemplating the meaning of life and discussing philosophy but nevertheless, interesting things. I learned about a new hair trick, a Covergirl mascara, and a coffee grind body scrub that I’m dying to try all of (see, riveting!). Most women, and some men have some sort of beauty secret or product that they live by. So this got me thinking, if the day ever comes that I get married (and I have a shower) instead of putting those recipe cards in the invitations and everyone has to write their favourite recipe for the bride, I would like everyone to share a beauty secret with me instead. Truthfully, I don’t think many husbands stay for the casserole anyways.

Pick of the Week

24 Sep

Hi. My name is Annie. A-N-N-I-E. I’ve struggled with this for about 4 years now. I knew the risks but I figured nothing else was working, how could this one  give me the satisfaction I was looking for? Well, it did. It’s true, all it took was one time. The first time I stroked the brush on my lashes, I was hooked. What is this magical mascara you ask? Christian Dior Diorshow Mascara. It adds volume to my lashes, doesn’t flake, and adds drama. I love the Blackout because it is a more intense black and I love the thick bristled brush. This mascara won’t give you the natural look, so if drama is what you want then you should try it. Buyer beware, it is addictive. The downside is the price when on a budget. On the other hand, by the time I’ve tried 8 other cheaper brands that I don’t like, I could’ve have just bought the Diorshow and got my fix.

In a word: J’Adore!

It’s all in the Eyes

23 Sep

So instead of risking a broken leg in an olive oil bath, I opted to take some inspiration from Sophia Loren and try her famous cat eye. I do have to say, it looks much different (aka better) on her because, well, she is Sophia Loren and she has a different shaped eye than I do. Her eyes are almond whereas mine are round. Nevertheless, I gave it a try and figuring that extended (winged) eyeliner is also a huge trend for this Fall, why not? 

I stuck to neutral, warm shadows and black eyeliner. I used Smashbox cream eye liner in Caviar. I find this technique easier when trying to extend the line as opposed to a pencil or liquid liner. If you have never used a cream or gel liner, all you need is an eyeliner brush or angled brush to apply it. I find it goes on quite smooth and does not tug at your skin. I usually fill my eybrows in a bit but I tried to extend them a little more, a la Sophia. For this I also used a Smashbox product: Brow-tech in Brunette. I kept the lips very neutral and used Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight.

“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.” -Sophia Loren

Small Town Excitement

21 Sep

Living in a small town means I always have to leave town if I want to do any shopping or look for something exciting. While in our new and improved Wal-Mart Superstore, I noticed they are carrying  Hard Candy  make-up; talk about an exciting Tuesday morning! 

#1.This is exciting because it has never been sold in Canada before and #2. It is affordable pricing for some pretty cool products and colours.

Some of the reviews of the new line at Wal-Mart are not that great and say that it is not comparable to what it used to be when it was sold in Department stores and Sephora. For the price point I think it is still worth checking out and I will keep you posted on any products that I’ve tried. The Meteor Eyes and the Take Me out Liner are first on my list.

Olive Juice . . . I love You!

20 Sep

For as long as I can remember olive oil has always been apart of my life. I thought its uses were as simple as cooking and salad dressing, but little did I know all of the amazing beauty benefits it has too. Sophia Loren attests some of her famous good looks to a mediterranean diet (which includes olive oil) and is quoted as saying she takes, “the odd bath in virgin olive oil”. 

*I wonder if that’s olive oil in the tub?*

Olive oil is high in antioxidants, including vitamin E which is why is it is so beneficial to the hair, skin and nails. Some of the many uses of olive oil include:

Eye Makeup Remover: Just add a bit of olive oil to a cotton pad and wipe over the eye area. This is  a great alternative to many products with chemicals and harmful ingredients especially if you have sensitivities.

Nails: I have put olive oil straight on my cuticles to soften them when they are really dry but I have also read to mix a small amount of warm olive oil with a tablespoon of lemon juice and soak your nails in that.

Hair: You can apply olive oil right to your scalp and hair and let this sit for 20 minutes for a deep conditioning treatment.Rinse thoroughly. You can also heat the olive oil a bit for a hot oil treatment.

Scrub: Mix olive oil and sugar or sea salt for a natural body exfoliant. This will slough away any dead skin which is much needed in the fall and winter months. I would keep the mixture about 1 parts of each. *Sorry, I do not measure, I just go by consistency*

Dry Skin: If you are extremely dry, you can apply olive oil directly to that spot. This is great for elbows and feet where the skin can become extremely dry.

So, if olive oil can make me look like Sophia Loren then I think maybe tonight I will do what the ancient Romans did and bathe in it instead of making a salad.

Tomorrow’s Post – Me Slipping in the Bath!


Make Me Over

17 Sep

Stay tuned for more pics of different makeup and looks next week and the coming weeks!  If anyone wants to volunteer for some makeup and appear on the blog let me know . . . I’m more of a behind the scenes kind of gal.

 *Hiding my face with my hair*

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